Image of Jean-François Bouchard in grayscale

Hi! My name is Jean-François Bouchard, I am a freelance 3D artist.

1995 was when my passion for 3D graphics ignited: I was in awe as I watched artists create 3D animated dinosaurs in the making-of for the movie Jurassic Park. The way the dinosaurs moved in 3D space as light and shadows played on the surfaces was an amazing sight to behold. I knew from this moment that working as a graphics artist would be my career of choice. Fast-forward to 2018 and the passion for creating 3D content is very much alive and well!

Over the years my passion for 3D graphics overlapped with my keen interest for the automotive industry as I worked on several successful racing games as a vehicle modeler. This experience has helped me develop an expertise in mechanical 3D modeling with a specialty in Class A surfaces reproduction. Transportation design offers unique challenges for the 3D modeler, such as surface quality and model accuracy. These challenges are what keep me excited in the work I do, project after project.

I work exclusively via the Internet from my home office. Remote work has allowed me to take part in a variety of exciting projects while remaining close to my family. I am based in St-Théodore d’Acton, Québec, Canada.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG modeled for Project CARS (2015)

3D Art Creation Pillars


Surface quality is my utmost priority. With a great eye for surface styling and details, I am committed to producing 3D surfaces that meet Class A quality with impeccable reflections.


Models are created to be faithful representations of the original subject. Whether the model is made using photo references, measurements or CAD data, I aim for lifelike accuracy, leaving no stone unturned.


Performance is a critical aspect of real-time applications, which is why my models are created with careful attention to polygon and texture allocation in order to meet the desired specifications.

Sauber Mercedes C9 modeled for Project CARS (2015)

Skillset & Résumé

3D Modeling

  • Proficient in Autodesk 3D Studio Max
  • Expert in polygonal industrial modeling with Class A surface quality standards
  • Modeling 3D meshes from sketches, photo references or existing CAD data
  • High-detail & low-poly modeling
  • Level of detail (LOD) optimization


  • Skinning & mechanical animations


  • UV unwrapping of complex geometry
  • Vector & raster texture creation in Adobe Photoshop, including diffuse, specular and normal maps
  • Faithful representation of materials according to references


  • 10+ years of experience as a 3D artist in the video games industry
  • Work featured in six published video game titles
  • More projects under NDA to be released

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